Open Source Technology

We develop our own identity!

Open source technologies are considered as 'open source' where the source code is available for its users and it can be modified and downloaded. SPIKYarc offer customers an opportunity to enormously present their business. Our professionals are liable to utilize open source web development platform.

Since the open source solutions are different than commercial software, SPIKYarc uses new techniques to develop applications based on open source technologies. As the open source culture has become matured, it has become present everywhere in the software development industry.

Why choose open source technologies?

  • Rapid implementation time
  • High-end functionality
  • Improved portability
  • Reduced development cost and time
  • Flexibility for meeting exact requirements and standards      
  • Feature enhancements
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Equivalent programs
  • High security , stability and quality
  • Capable to run on old hardware

pen source technology is changing IT in a fundamental way with ever increasing competition. It has moved much beyond just Apache, MySQL, PHP and Linux.

SPIKYAarc's team has good experience in creating websites using open source technologies & commercial licensed software. Our skilled developers constantly deliver quality open source e-Commerce Solutions with the use of right technologies and success. Our team is talented with the content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and ecommerce tools such as OS commerce and Magento. We work on PHP, Java and wide range of open source tools to develop your online business.

Why SPIKYARC for open source technologies?

  • SPIKYarc is a leading provider of open source web development services.
  • The continuous incorporation practice enables our customers to benefit from existing, high quality and pre-built open source components.
  • Our team has worked on many open source projects for different types of operating systems.
  • We have in - depth knowledge in many core open source projects.
  • We completely understand how to work with the development communities.
  • We work together and openly with each other, our partners and customers.

SPIKYarc can help your organization to get the best out of your investment in open source and help you to manage your long-term interest in the products you utilize. Teaming with the open source technologies, SPIKYarc delivers solutions that merge dependability; security, value, and flexibility of open source. We transform your dreams into a real website. We believe that the actual value of a website comes out when you get good business revenue from it.

Ecommerce web solutions include

  • ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC, Ajax, Silverlight)
  • Windows Forms
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • AADO.NET, LinQ, Entity Framework
  • Enterprise Services (COM+, MSMQ)
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Web Services, .NET Remoting, WF
  • .NET Mobile
  • Interoperability (COM, PInvoke)
  • C#, VB.NET, Managed C++
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics