Visitor Management System

Security has become a matter of major concern among organizations worldwide. A Visitor Management system has thus become a de facto requirement for keeping a track of the visitors coming in and going out through various gates of an organization. VisitorPro is a system that allows visitors with appointments to enter the premises create new identification badges and manage the overall security staff to establish a safe environment. It also comes with various reports which look up the visitor repository to give a comprehensive view of your choice (detailed one or a bird's eye view).

SPIKYARC provides an effective and affordable way to help various industries and companies of any size looking for easier visitor control, increased visitor security and simplified visitor badging. Visitors should be screened, registered, signed in quickly and allowed to visit only the relevant areas via integration with access control devices.

Visitor History, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System

Visitor History

Have a bird's eye view or an in-depth history of all the visitors who have gone in and out of your gates at your fingertips anytime.

Badge Creation, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System

Badge Creation

Create a temporary photo ID badges for visitors. The name and organization of the visitors can be ascertained from a previous appointment easily. Photograph, signature as well as digital signals are captured and it can be retrieved for future usage.

Visitor Management System Blacklisting of Visitors

Blacklisting of Visitors

Weed out possible intruders or previously known trespassers from entering your premises by keeping a blacklist of such known persons.

Calendar, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System


While making any appointment the visitor or the employee can keep an eye at the calendar and proceed accordingly. An employee can keep his calendar blocked for certain time segments during which no appointments can be made.

Web Based Dashboard, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System

Web based Dashboard

Digital dashboards allow company to monitor the contribution of various contractors in their organization. Dashboard could provide you with a detailed report on any follow-ups that are scheduled for that day.
Benefits: Visual presentation of daily follow-ups saves time compared to running multiple reports and increases the ability to make more informed decisions based on the information collected.

Visitor Self Sign-In Kiosks, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System

Visitor Self Sign-In Kiosks

A full-fledged Kiosk can be installed at multiple entry locations of an organization wherein a visitor can fill up the visit details and can generate a visitor badge.

Business Badge Scanning, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System

Business Badge Scanning

Having a business badge can come in quite handy, as all the visitor has to do is get his badge scanned and all his/her relevant information would be filled up automatically.

Access Control Devices, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System

Access control Devices

The visitor badge can be verified against access control devices on doors and entrances which would enhance the overall security at an organization.

Survey, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System


A visitor can fill up a short survey form describing his stay at the organization which can help senior administrative persons to look into any improvements for a better visitor management.

Reports, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System


Know the visitor flow at your organization, visitors per person or department wise. Also get to know who over stayed their appointed time. All these statistics are available to you in a graphical format at your fingertips anytime.

Online Appointment, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System

Online Appointment

Visitors can get themselves an appointment by going online and can go ahead with the appointment once it has be approved by the respective person who is to be visited.

Employee Management, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System

Employee Management

Save valuable time otherwise spent in manual data entry chores by importing large chunks of Employee information in one go using preformatted data sheets. Manage monthly attendance of employees and process payroll accordingly.

Employee Self Services, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System

Employee Self Services

An employee from within your organization can appoint a time for a visitation and the visitor can come at the appointed time and go ahead with the visit by generating a visitor badge at the gates.

Customization, Track Visitor, Visitor Management System


Over and above if your organization needs an even better customized payroll software we are glad to extend our arms for the venture!

Automated Email/SMS Remainder for Tracing & compliances Reports,Labour Productivity Management Software

Automated Email/SMS Remainder for Tracing & compliances Reports

Accurate and effective tracking or reminder system is a useful modern practice. Visitor Management systems send tracking and daily required reports & compliances automatically to authorized persons from time to time.

SMS Benefits

  • Access a staff list to identify who's onsite
  • Verify by SMS via manual or auto trigger
  • SMS receivable by any cellular device
  • Real-Time information about who's on/offsite

Email Notifications

Broadcast pre-defined email instructions and notifications alerts to designated people which may include organizational employees or other external people.

SMS Notification

Send out a single SMS (text) or multiple ones to your recipients Omni presently.

Alerts Automated

Email or SMS notifications are accordingly sent out when any triggers we have kept for monitoring is activated.

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